Circe, yelled loudly, and ran fast under the shock, and with his flying knees and arms , without crying he asked : who are you? Where are you from? Where is your nation? Where are your parents ? (Odissea, Libro X , vv 420-426)

The Myth

Circe was a fascinating and sensual magician that used to transform all her enemies in animals she used to live in the eea island. Omero tells that ulisse and his companyons reached that island full of oaks and big trees after going through the forest, they enetered circe's palace while she was singing and staying at her loom. When she heard euricolo's call, she looked out and with a smile invited all of them to dine at her table. An example of xenia is the prodigality of that woman in the offering of a very sweet cream and a sophisticated wine.


The flat circe, is ideal for couples, it's composed by an equipped kitchen (electric oven, cooker,hood, fridge and freezer) , it's beautiful with a lot of accessories.a bathroom with showers and mosiac frames,bedroom with dark wood and a queen size bed. The tones chosen for the decorations are vietresi ceramics with waves of cobalt blue and sapphire. From earth green to vanilla gradiation to retrace ulisse's journey , and the discover of the mediterranean. The structure is very lighted and surrounded by a panoramic terrace facing the olive trees.


Air conditioning, bed linen, iron, fridge, internet wireless, washing machine, tv sat, cyclette, rocking chair, slipway, garden, Car parking, Panoramic terrace.