Today i went mad, dedicating all myself to these incomparable beauties. It's easy to describe, the paint, the beauty...but they are beyond any description (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Viaggio in Italia)

The Myth

The word Xenia comes from greek and it talks about the concepts of hospitality and the relationship between the host and the guest in the ancient greek. The good manners of xenia meant the respect of the host, of the guest and of the place. In the odyssey of omero a lot of example of sacred hospitality were given to ulisse and his journeys.

The holiday home ''XENIA'' rises betwwen the green hills of cilento, 3 km of distance from the veach and the crystal sea of Pioppi and Acciaroli. The structure is new and it's got 2 flats names ''Circe'' and ''Nausicaa'', both have a big panoramic terrace, a closed garage, a garden with an area for children, and fitness for adults. The structure is ideal for a holiday of total relax and it also has mosaics and mediterranean nature. There are also available: washing mashine, wi-fi, tv, appliances, towels for the bathrooms and sheets for beds, and air conditioners. "